Avengers Video Game Comic-Con Leaks Confirm Ms. Marvel


As I predicted, the upcoming Avengers video game features Ms. Mavel Kamala Khan as gameplay footage has leaked online from Comic-Con.

The Avengers gameplay footage, posted to social media and YouTube, shows Kamala Khan wearing a Captain Marvel Carol Danvers t-shirt.

We also see Iron Man, Thor and Hulk in action.

Check it out:

Avengers video game has Ms. Marvel

In the comics, Carol Danvers ditches the Ms. Marvel title and assumes Captain Marvel, with Kamala Khan being an Inhuman and then using the Ms. Marvel name.

The Avengers video game features a terrigen mist bomb that explodes in San Francisco, where we can assume Kamala Khan gets her Ms. Marvel powers in the game.

The game hasn’t been without controversy as in addition to Kamala Khan, some fans aren’t happy with the art and look of the characters.

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