Avengers 4 Trailer Coming Monday Night



As I previously stated, The Avengers 4 will probably drop on Monday.

While other “insiders” offered it would drop on Black Friday or on Wednesday, I actually pointed out that The Avenger 4 trailer would not be released on Wednesday with the release of the Marvel Comics prelude comic book.

Update: Captain Marvel poster has been released with confirmation the trailer gets released on Monday during ESPN NFL Football. It’s now assumed The Avengers 4 trailer will be released on Wednesday, and that the prelude comic book does not feature the title.

The Avengers 4 trailer

The reason it won’t be released on Wednesday is because comic book shops get their deliveries of new comics on Tuesdays.

On the east coast, comic book shops get deliveries on Tuesday from UPS in the morning or afternoon (some actually go meet their UPS driver early in the morning at a designated spot to pick them up), so assuming the prelude comic book features The Avengers 4 title, comic book shop owners would leak it, and as I also said, Marvel Studios isn’t going to let that happen.

I also said The Avengers 4 trailer would more than likely be released on something owned by Disney, such as Jimmy Kimmel or Good Morning America, and now that looks to be the case as well.

Avengers End Game Trailer

The latest rumor (via DanielRPK on Twitter) has it that The Avengers 4 trailer will be dropping on Monday Night during NFL Monday Night Football on ESPN, which features the Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles.

The game starts at 8:15pm EST, so The Avengers 4 trailer might be released around half time or the 2-minute warning during the 2nd quarter, which would be around 10pm-ish.

It’s also safe to assume Marvel Studios will release The Avengers 4 trailer online at the same time, and that the official title will also be revealed.

I exclusively first revealed that The Avengers 4 title is “End Game.”

It’s also further rumored that Wednesday will see the release of a new Captain Marvel trailer.

Avengers 4 Captain Marvel

Since Marvel Studios is going to release both an Avengers 4 trailer and a Captain Marvel trailer this week, it’s my guess that Marvel Studios is going to promote both Captain Marvel and The Avengers 4 at the same time — meaning together.

What Marvel Studios is going to do is use The Avengers 4 to promote their Captain Marvel film, which comes out prior to the Infinity War sequel.

It’s actually a no-brainer as Brie Larson will be a part of The Avengers 4, so why not also promote that along with the new Captain Marvel flick?

Brie Larson and the Captain Marvel movie have actually been getting a lot of flack from the fans as the recent trailer wasn’t all that well received. In addition, a lot of fans aren’t happy that Captain Marvel is getting shoehorned and retconned into the MCU. It’s already said she is the MCU’s most powerful superhero, and according to the official Japanese Marvel website, she is responsible for the formation of The Avengers.

Captain Marvel

So as we see, Marvel Studios needs to counter that negative fan reception, and they are going to do it through The Avengers 4, which could quite possibly be the biggest movie ever.

Obviously, it should be pointed out this is still rumor and speculation, but as I said (watch below), The Avengers 4 Marvel Comics prelude comic book that gets released Wednesday is the key. If it features the official title, Marvel Studios HAS to reveal the title either through a trailer or a teaser poster. And since comic book shops get their deliveries on Tuesday, something Avengers 4 HAS to come Monday.

The Avenger 4 has a May 3, 2018 release; Captain Marvel lands March 9, 2019.