Avengers 4 Better Than Infinity War Says Joe Russo


While promoting the upcoming SYFY series, Deadly Class, Joe Russo also talked about The Avengers 4 mentioning that he thinks its their best work yet, which means even better than Infinity War.

“You know, we’re very proud of it. I think ultimately Avengers 4 may be our best work for Marvel. I think we’ve grown with every movie that we’ve made there. We’ve grown with the characters. We’ve grown with the cast. As filmmakers we’re very happy and very excited with the movie,” Joe Russo told Deadline.

Avengers 4

“You know, it’s always an agenda of ours to block out the outside noise because it can lead you to make some bad choices with the material,” Russo continued. “We’ve learned over the years just to listen to ourselves, and it’s great that there’s two of us that we can have conversations with each other. We can really stay insulated and reinforce one another in our belief in the story that we’re telling. I feel like with Avengers 4, because it was made before there was any response to Avengers 3, it’s really pure in that regard. The storytelling is very pure. It’s without any sort of external noise creeping in at.”

Avengers 4

Joe Russo also reveals they will be doing Avengers 4 reshoots in a month.

“We’ve been in post-production on it since the release of Infinity War and we’ve got some additional photography that we’re doing in a month or so,” he said.

The Avengers 4

Joe Russo also comments on adapting comics for the movies, and I like what he has to say about keeping with the tone of the comics and characters, but providing something new at the same time, which is something not all the directors and studios do, as often times the characters are unlike their comic book counterparts (much to the disappointment of fans):

Well I think our job is not to do direct adaptation, pure and simple. So, inDeadly Class you’ll see that it does correlate more closely to the books than some, but it’s impossible to take something that works on a page, in a comic book panel, and translate that exactly to television. You see that all the time with our Marvel work too.

I’m a comic book collector. I grew up reading comic books for many, many years. I do not want to see a direct adaptation of a book I have read because I know the ending. I know what’s going to happen, but when people take the characters that I love, in the world that I love, in the tone that I love, and they tell me a new story in it with really inspired actors and inspired execution — that excites me.

If your expectation is that the movie or the TV series should be a direct translation of the comic it’s based on, don’t watch any comic book adaptations ever because you’ll always get disappointed. If your expectation is that we’re going to bring those characters to life and that world to life, and the Deadly Class school to life, and that we’re going to tell you some really compelling stories in that space or endeavor to tell you some really compelling stories in that space, then get excited because Rick Remender, the guy who wrote the book, is the lifeblood that’s behind Deadly Class the show.

The Avengers 4

The Avengers 4

The Russo brothers’ Deadly Class premiers on SYFY next year. Check out a teaser below.

The Avengers 4 hits May 3, 2019.

Deadly Class is a coming of age journey full of ancient mystery and teen angst. Set in a dark, comic book world against the backdrop of late 80s counter culture, it follows a homeless teen recruited into a storied elite private school where the world’s top crime families send their next generations. Maintaining his moral code while surviving a ruthless curriculum, vicious social cliques and his own adolescent uncertainties soon proves to be vital.

Rick Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott adapted the series for TV and are executive producers with Joe Russo, Anthony Russo and Mike Larocca. Adam Targum from Chipmunk Hill also served as executive producer on the pilot, along with Lee Toland Krieger (The Age of Adaline), who also directed.