Attraction Spot #1: Russian Sci-Fi Movie


attraction spot 1 Attraction Spot #1: Russian Sci-Fi Movie

Watch a spot below for the Russian sci-fi movie Attraction.

Attraction is directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk whose Stalingrad is the highest-grossing non-U.S. foreign film in China.

The movie will be released in select theaters January 2017.


“Attraction” is a new film by Fedor Bondarchuk who shot Russia’s highest-grossing release “Stalingrad”. “Attraction” offers a large-scale sci-fi chronicle of the mankind whose life is forever changed by a mysterious flying space object crashing over Moscow. It is a delicately told heart-piercing story of people trying to get used to the new life, understand each other and embrace an unknown future through the tough times. This visually rich action features a mind-blowing and most realistic CGI. This challenging and high-technology movie brought together some of the world’s and Russia’s top talents working in film production including MainRoadlPost, Russia’s leading visual effects production that was behind such blockbusters as “Wanted”, “Stalingrad” and many others; and Dave Whitehead who developed the film’s unique vivid sound design and whose credits include such movie hits as “Arrival”, “King Kong”, “District 9”, “Elysium” and “The Hobbit”.

The film is in production now and will be finished by December 2, 2016. The premiere in Russia and China is set on January 26, 2017 (in IMAX). Currently the film is scheduled to be released in 43 countries.