Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends Crossover Will Be Five Episodes Long


dc cw crossover five episodes

It’s learned the upcoming big CW DC crossover featuring Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be five episodes long.

Stephen Amell posted a Facebook Live video where he spoke about filming.

“Hey, Facebook! What is happening!” Amell said. “I am back after five weeks of crossover craziness that consisted of five different episodes of television. Not five different shows, but five different episodes of television being filmed simultaneously.”

Details for the big crossover include that it is expected to kick off in November as the DC heroes take on the Dominators from the DC Comics Invasion! mini-series that sees aliens coming to Earth targeting metahumans. 

EP Marc Guggenheim recently described the crossover: “This year, we’re doing by far the most ambitious crossover we’ve ever done. It’s basically a huge three-part story that also brings in Supergirl, so it’s crossing over all four shows. It’s telling one big epic movie of a story. It’s not setting up any other spin-offs, it’s just big, bombastic, huge action. There’s also some really poignant character moments. There’s a lot of plot lines, particularly I would say in Flash and Legends, that come to fruition in the crossover. It’s by far the most ambitious thing we’ve ever attempted. I want to say it’s by far one of the most ambitious things anyone in network television has ever attempted. It’s completely insane.”

DC VP of Creative Affairs Dan Evans also offered about the DC crossover: “With CW, they really love and understand what we are doing, and they are so embracing, so loving, that we can go and do the craziest comic book stories. With this crossover, it’s going to take the most understanding of TV executives to make this happen. Comic book fans are going to lose their mind when they find out what the basis for the crossover is. I will say, it’s based on a big thing from DC’s history. It will justify the crossover, you will not feel cheated.” 

Watch more of Stephen Amell in the video below.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm ET; The Flash airs Tuesdays; Arrow on Wednesdays, and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow on Thursdays.