Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns As T-800 For Terminator 6

Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns As T-800 For Terminator 6

A new Terminator movie is currently in development from Deadpool director Tim Miller and sees Arnold Schwarzenegger returning, as well as James Cameron who is on board as producer.

Terminator 6 was originally going to start filming this month, but Arnold Schwarzenegger offers an update to TheArnoldFans that Terminator 6 has been pushed back.

“We are starting to shoot Terminator 6 in June to the middle of October, so I am in that,” Arnold confirmed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also offered up he’ll be back as a T-800, which is his original model.

“I am looking forward to coming back as the T-800 model. It’s gonna be great with Tim Miller as the director and Jim Cameron is kind of supervising the whole thing,” Schwarzenegger said.

The new Terminator movie has a current release date of July 26, 2019 (but with the production being pushed back it could be possible the release date could be delayed as well).

terminator 6 filming march 2018

Previous details made known about Terminator 6 include that it has been described as an Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator origin story, as James Cameron mentioned they will be exploring why the Terminators chose Arnold Schwarzenegger as their model.

If all goes according to plan, Terminator 6 will also be the start of a new trilogy, which will introduce new characters.

“A lot of this is handing off the baton to a new generation of characters. We’re starting a search for an 18-something young woman to essentially be the new centerpiece of these stories,” James Cameron recently told THR. “And then a number of other characters around her and characters from the future. We still fold time in the story in intriguing ways. But we have Arnold’s character and Linda’s character to anchor it. Somewhere across there, and I won’t say where, the baton gets passed, so to speak.”   

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