Ahsoka Season 2 In the Works: Concept Art Released

Ahsoka Season 2 In the Works: Concept Art Released

Along with yesterday’s big announcement that Jon Favreau is directing The Mandalorian & Grogu, Lucasfilm also announced Dave Filoni is developing Ahsoka Season 2.

Now on Wednesday, the official Star Wars Twitter account released the following Ahsoka Season 2 concept art noting that “the story continues.”

The art is by Filoni and seems to tease Ahsoka and Sabine following Baylan who apparently is searching for a power beyond the Jedi and Sith with the discovery of the statues of the Mortis Gods.

The late Ray Stevenson played Baylan in the series, so no word if they are going to recast the character or what they will do.

Ahsoka follows Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan (Rosario Dawson) after the events of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, as she continues her search for Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

ahsoka season 2 concept art

What are the Mortis Gods?

In the Star Wars universe, the Mortis Gods are powerful Force-sensitive beings introduced in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

They reside on a mystical realm called Mortis, and they embody different aspects of the Force: the Father, who represents balance; the Daughter, who embodies the light side of the Force; and the Son, who embodies the dark side.

The Father maintains balance between his children, the Daughter and the Son, to prevent the dark side from overwhelming the light. They’re often seen as allegorical figures representing the struggle between good and evil within the Force itself. Their story explores the fundamental balance of the Force and the consequences of disrupting that equilibrium.

The Mortis Gods possess extraordinary powers within their realm that exceed those of many Force users, including Jedi and Sith. They display abilities such as manipulating the Force, controlling the environment, foreseeing events, and even altering the perceptions and abilities of others.

Their powers seem boundless within Mortis, but their influence outside this mystical realm is limited. However, their existence and the lessons learned from their story significantly impact the understanding of the Force’s balance, shedding light on concepts that go beyond the usual Jedi and Sith teachings.

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