Agents Of SHIELD Spinoff In Development



It’s learned that apparently Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD is doing well enough warrant a spinoff, which more than likely also means a third season is a given. reports Marvel is quietly developing the spinoff for ABC which is being developed by Agents Of SHIELD executive producer Jeffrey Bell and SHIELD writer Paul Zbyszewski (LostHawaii Five-0).

It’s said there won’t be a straight-up episode that will create the spinoff (similar to what WB did with Arrow and The Flash), but that this season will have story elements, that are still to come, that will be used to lay the groundwork for the potential new series.

It’s assumed, by the end of the season, the details on the spinoff will be made more clear.

It’s further stated the SHIELD spinoff isn’t guaranteed, as ABC hasn’t even announced a third season for SHIELD, but it’s suggested the spinoff could debut next Fall or mid-season.

Regarding Agent Carter‘s return, the report mentions there is a “60 percent” chance of the series returning.