3 Killed In “Trainwreck” Lafayette Movie Theater Shooting



Three years following The Dark Knight Rises shooting, a lone gunman entered a movie theater and fired upon the crowd killing three people and injuring many others.

The shooting took place during a viewing of Trainwreck tonight at the Grand Theatre in Lafayette, La., which saw the gunman take his own life.

It’s reported the alleged shooter is a white male, about 58-years-old, who entered the theater by himself. Authorities are not releasing the identity of the man just yet.

A witness on the scene reported she was in the theater with her fiance for the 7pm showing of Trainwreck when about 20 minutes into the movie she heard a loud noise and saw a white older man shooting. 

“He wasn’t saying anything,” she said, reports The Advertiser. “I didn’t hear anybody screaming either.”

Katie Domingue said she heard about six shots before running with her fiance to the nearest exit, leaving behind her shoes and purse (via USA Today).

Another witness reports nothing precipitated the shooting as everything was quiet, there was no arguments or trouble (via CNN).

“A guy just stood up and started opening fire,’ the witness explained. “Every body scrambled, and the guy was just kind of at ease standing there just shooting. Never really attempted to leave.”

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