X-Men ’97 Has Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

First two episodes are now out on Disney+ with both critics and fans liking what they are seeing.

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The X-Men ’97 animated series is now out on Disney+ with the two episode premiere and with that the reviews are coming in, which means the Rotten Tomatoes Score is available, and it’s presently perfect.

With 26 reviews currently accounted for, the X-Men ’97 Rotten Tomatoes Score stands at 100%.

There are only about 50+ ratings from fans, but the Audience Score for the first two episodes stands at 95%.

The original animated series from the ’90s has an 83% Rotten Tomatoes Score from critics and 93% from the fans.

x men 97 rotten tomatoes score
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“It was good!”

A friend of mine attended the three episode premiere in Los Angeles and liked what he saw.

“It was good! It’s very much like the original show. Very fast spaced, each episode focuses on an entirely new villain + plot point. But I think it’s building up to something bigger throughout the seasons. Probably something that will play out in the finale,” he said. “I do wish the episodes were closer to 45 minutes, though. There was a lot I wish they spent more time on.”

When asked if it’s woke, he replied, “Nothing in your face. Small little PC nod in the Third episode but it was so minor and subtle that I already forgot what happened. I just remember something a character said being kind of ‘agenda’ feeling.”

He added, “But yeah, man. They really stay true to the characters from the OG show.”

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