‘The Elsa Bloodstone Show’ Review (Werewolf By Night)

Kevin Feige surprised MCU fans for Halloween by releasing 'The Elsa Bloodstone Show' starring Laura Donnelly.

'The Elsa Bloodstone Show' Review

Right in time for Halloween, Marvel debuts a new monster-sized special on Disney Plus with The Elsa Bloodstone Show!

And it happens to have a cameo appearance by none other than Werewolf By Night!

Laura Donnelly stars as the titular character from the comics who is another strongly represented female character in a long line of strong female characters as part of Kevin Feige’s Phase 4 approach and beyond to the MCU.

As part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel Comics, Elsa Bloodstone has been featured in the all-female A-Force comic book, the all-female Fearless Defenders, Kelly Thompson’s Jessica Jones, and more!

In The Elsa Bloodstone Show, Donnelly kicks all kinds of ass as Elsa Bloodstone, the estranged daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone who has passed away.

Only the most powerful monster hunters in the world – and Elsa Bloodstone – are invited to an exclusive monster hunt to determine who is worthy enough to carry on with the Bloodstone, a magical stone that kills monsters and makes its wielder all-powerful!

The monster hunters are quickly given their task, which is to kill a monster that has the Bloodstone! It’s Ted! It’s Man-Thing!

As the most famous monster hunters in the world hunt their prey (minus Blade, because he’s too busy), it’s revealed one of them isn’t exactly who they seem to be!

Mexican actor Gael García Bernal as Jack Russell!

Gael García Bernal cameos as Jack Russell aka Werewolf By Night in 'The Elsa Bloodstone Show'
Gael García Bernal cameos as Jack Russell aka Werewolf By Night in ‘The Elsa Bloodstone Show’

The Elsa Bloodstone Show needs a sequel

Jack happens to be best buds with Man-Thing and is really there to free his friend. But as Jack helps Man-Thing escape along with the aid of Elsa, Jack doesn’t realize he’s not allowed to touch the Bloodstone! A stone that kills monsters! Who would have thought?!

So Jack touches the Moonstone and gets blasted! Wait? What? Yes! Because Jack is a monster!

Oh, no! Jack and Elsa are now caged, because Jack is a monster and Esla helped him.

Now the Bloodstone is used to reveal Jack’s true monster form! Werewolf by Night!!!

Werewolf by Night escapes the cage and attacks all the hench-goons (thank you, She-Hulk for that!).

Elsa goes one on one with all the best monster hunters in the world! And she manages to kill ALL of them!

Earlier in the episode, she also figured out how to escape the crypt, she also helps Werewolf by Night escape, and she also manages to take down her evil mother!

And guess what?

Yes! Elsa now has the Bloodstone!

Hopefully, Kevin Feige gives us more of The Elsa Bloodstone Show!

Ten out of ten stars!

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