Marvel Race-Swapping The X-Men

By Matt McGloin

Nov. 3, 2022

Marvel is  hard at work  developing the future of the   X-Men

Disney wants to race swap members of the X-Men to reduce the number of caucasian characters

Disney wants to move away from having white men be present more than they want them to be 

The big question surrounding the X-Men at Disney and Marvel is how much race swapping to include 

Marvel thinks the race swaps will be more accepted if they cast a big-name actor and that it will be harder for fans to object or criticize 

Marvel is going to use the Fox X-Men actors as bait and switch for the race-swapped versions

"How to play alphabet  is also being mapped out for X-Men," states the leaker 

The insider says a large majority of fans don’t want any of this in their superhero entertainment 

The main objective is to “continue to move on, to transit from white men even if this means leaving money on the table" 

"We’ll have to throw them a couple of bones..." Disney is okay with taking a loss