The Rock Returns To WWE Smackdown

Dwayne Johnson returns along with John Cena and is speculated for Wrestlemania.

Dwayne Johnson returns along with John Cena and is speculated for Wrestlemania.

The Rock Returns To WWE Smackdown

The Rock has returned to WWE Smackdown in a surprise appearance along with fellow Superstar, John Cena, electrifying the millions and millions of fans around the world.

Dwayne Johnson made his presence known by first saying hello to John Cena at the start of the show.

Then in the segment with Pat McAfee and Austin Theory, The Rock’s music hits!

Johnson gets the crowding going with chants of, “You are an a-hole,” and then proceeds to layeth the smackdown on Austin Theory with the People’s Elbow!

Dwayne Johnson’s return to the WWE comes at an interesting time.

Not only did Vince McMahon officially give up control of the WWE on Monday, but the actors and writers are on strike in Hollywood.

Dwayne Johnson is an actor and producer and starred in the DC films universe as Black Adam, with John Cena as Peacemaker, so both Johnson and Cena are presently out of work.

Regarding Vince, he sold the WWE to Endeavor Group Holdings for $21 billion and officially relinquished control on Monday, Sept. 11.

Twitter is buzzing with The Rock returning, with some fans thinking it might be setting up Johnson’s return to Wrestlemania, possibly versus his cousin, Roman Reigns.

Smackdown also ended with AJ Styles coming to the aid of John Cena, where they take out another cousin of Johnson with Jimmy Uso.

With Vince McMahon no longer in control, it’s now said Triple H is calling the shots behind the scenes.

Watch the highlights below!


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