Watch: Thanos Snap Seattle Seahawks NFL Promo

Watch: Thanos Snap Seattle Seahawks NFL Promo

The Thanos snap wasn’t just felt in the Marvel Universe, but apparently made its way to the NFL, as the Seattle Seahawks also suffered the wrath of the Great Titan.

ESPN showed off the following promo using Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet to show how many players the Seattle Seahawks defense lost since Super Bowl XLIX, which is actually more than half.

“Tell the story of the Seahawks defensive roster changes, Avengers style,” the commentator teases… “I think Thomas would be Iron Man if we are talking about Avengers style in the defensive changes…”

A graphic of the Thanos snap is shown with all but three of the Seattle Seahawks players disintegrating and turning to dust, with the ramifications felt during tonight’s game as Seattle came up short against the Chicago Bears, 24-17, with Seattle scoring in the last few seconds of the game.

Regarding how ESPN and the NFL were allowed to use the Infinity Gauntlet from Infinity War, ESPN’s parent company happens to be Disney, who owns Marvel Studios.

Check out the promo:

I would also like to thank the Great Titan Thanos for wiping out Seattle’s defense as Chicago’s Allen Robinson III helped me win my fantasty game by less than three points (I was projected to lose). 

We also see the New England Patriots takes the place of the Mind Stone for the NFL Infinity Gauntlet, which should be no surprise as only with the help of Thanos would Belichick and Brady be able to win. We also now have confirmation Belichick uses an Infinity Gauntlet, which explains a lot (Bills fan here)!

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