Marvel Kills Off Big Cosmic Character In Infinity Wars Prime

Marvel Kills Off Big Cosmic Character In Infinity Wars Prime

Today sees the release of the next Marvel Cosmic event, Infinity Wars Prime, which kicked off with a bang as a major, major character has been killed off that is quite surprising.

Spoilers follow.

The story starts off with Loki who is looking through ancient Asgardians books trying to discover why he remembers some of the stories differently than what plays out in the books. Loki wonders why he is never the hero, why there are different universes with the same people, and who is behind it all. He goes off to find out why.

The story continues from there from Infinity Wars Countdown where Adam Warlock has the Soul Stone as he visits Doctor Strange at the Sanctum Santorum. Doctor Strange tethers Warlock to himself, and they open a portal to Soul World to check it out where Adam Warlock discovers it to be worse off than thought.  There is some kind of creature there which captures Warlock and looks to be siphoning off his power. Doctor Strange uses the Time Stone to reverse time and pulls out Adam Warlock before the event happens. Warlock tells Strange someone will be coming for the Time Stone–Thanos!

The story switches gears to Thanos the Mad Titan who is located at Chitauri Prime. Thanos makes mention (as did both Strange and Warlock) about assembling the Infinity Gauntlet once again, when a mysterious character shows up and guts Thanos! Thanos knows the person and says he was wondering when “you would should up.” The mystery character then chops off Thanos’ head! We are not done there as the Chitauri now say by rite of battle, they will follow this mystery character. Nope! The mystery character unleashed a poison and kills off all(?) the Chitauri!

To be continued (Note: Thanos was shown dead in Thor, so possibly his story continues there)! Read my thoughts below.

Thanos Dies

Thanos dies

Infinity Wars Prime

Thanos Dies

My two cents:

After reading the issue, my first thought was, “Marvel COSMIC is back!”

Marvel COSMIC hasn’t been the same since the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was released as it mirrored James Gunn’s goofball approach from the movies, and the comics have been simply awful since Bendis took over. This is honestly probably the best COSMIC issue I’ve read since Abnett and Lanning were let go way back in 2010 with the last issue of The Thanos Imperative. The art is phenomenal by Mike Deodato, and Gerry Duggan does one hell of an amazing job with the issue! No goofiness at all! Thank you, CB Cebulski!

I’ve also been catching up on the Infinity Countdown stuff as of late; is anyone else thinking that Marvel Comics is getting rid of all the Ultimates and movie influence and returning to the 616 that we all know and love? It seems like there have been hints dropped that certain characters don’t belong (i.e..the Gunn or Bendis Guardians of the Galaxy team) and even the Infinity Gems are now referred to as the Infinity Stones, but said to be different. 

At least that is what I am hoping for, that Marvel Comics is getting rid of all the influence outside of the comics, which has really brought Marvel and the entire industry down since Axel Alonso came on board. The comics are supposed to be the inspiration and the influence, not vice versa! So what better way to show that than killing off the star of The Avengers: Infinity War — Thanos! 

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