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Terminator 6 Pushed Back

Matt McGloin
Posted: 04/06/2018 - 19:54
Terminator 6 Pushed Back

The upcoming Terminator 6 movie has seen its release date pushed back by four months.

Following Arnold Schwarzenegger undergoing emergency open heart surgery, Paramount and Skydance productions have moved Terminator 6 back to a November 22, 2019 release date, which is Thanksgiving Day weekend.

It will face competition from a presently untitled Fox Studios Marvel movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was admitted to the hospital to replace his pulmonic valve, but underwent emergency open heart surgery following complications due to the catheter valve replacement.

The Austrian Oak is doing well and upon awakening stated, "I'm back."

Details for the new Terminator 6 include that it will be directed by Deadpool director Tim Miller, James Cameron will oversee things, will have Linda Hamilton returning as Sarah Connor, and Mackenzie Davis is said to be the female lead. The movie has been described as an origin story as to why the Terminators chose to use the human form of Arnold Schwarzenegger.   


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger