Stargate Cinematic Universe In Development


stargate reboot cinematic universe

About a year-and-a-half ago saw word that Stargate was getting the reboot treatment, and now it’s learned a Stargate cinematic universe is currently in active development with original creators Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin back on board.

The Stargate reboot will be just that and won’t have anything to do with the previous film or spin-off series.

“It’s not a story that can take place 20 years later,” Devlin said, referencing Independence Day: Resurgence which hits this week. “So the only way to really tell that [Stargate] trilogy is to go back from the beginning and start the story all over again.”

As noted, Devlin and Emmerich originally intended Stargate to be a trilogy, but due to unfortunate circumstances the rights were taken away.

“It was taken away from us, and it’s tough to have your children raised by other parents, even if they do a very good job. … For us, it’s not putting down what has been done. It’s to let us finish telling our story,” Devlin told Variety.

Though Roland Emmerich isn’t a big fan of super hero and Marvel movies, it’s mentioned the Stargate reboot will be something similar to what Marvel has done and possibly become a Stargate cinematic universe with spinoffs.

“Today, studios tend to not think of movies as trilogies or sequels (but) as cinematic universes,” Devlin said. “So as we’ve been developing it, we found all these avenues that allow it to expand. The foundation is exactly the same as what we wanted to do, but now the possibilities are much wider.”

The Stargate reboot is underway from MGM and Warner Bros.

The original Stargate was released in 1994 starring Kurt Russell and James Spader and grossed close to $200,000 worldwide.

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