Star Trek: Discovery Timeline Possibly Revealed


star trek discovery Star Trek: Discovery Timeline Possibly Revealed

The timeline that the new CBS digital series, Star Trek: Discovery, takes place may have become known.

Showrunner Byan Fuller offered a tease to AICN by stating a hint is in the number of Star Trek: Discovery‘s ship, which is NCC-1031.

Trekkers should note the ship’s number precedes that of the original Star Trek TV series’ Enterprise of NCC-1701.

The site is confident in stating that Star Trek: Discovery takes place previous to William Shatner and Leonarod Nimoy’s voyages from the 1966 Star Trek TV series.

Fuller also teased Star Trek: Discovery may connect to the black-ops Section 31 organization, which was featured in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek Into Darkness as the ship in Discovery features “31.” Section 31 operates outside normal Starfleet ethical protocols and deals with external threats in whatever manner it sees fit.

“There are aspects of our first season that, depending on how well versed you are in that mythology, you could either read into it a connection,” teased Fuller, “or not.”

It’s further said Bryan Fuller will reveal further [“spoiler”] details about Star Trek: Discovery on August 10th.

Star Trek: Discovery will debut on CBS in January 2017 prior to airing on CBS All Access.