‘She-Hulk’ Shows Off Daredevil Battle

Charlie Cox is officially back as the Man Without Fear in the MCU.

Charlie Cox is officially back as the Man Without Fear in the MCU.

'She-Hulk' Shows Off Daredevil Battle

Charlie Cox is officially back as the Man Without Fear as a first look at She-Hulk vs Daredevil has been unleashed from Thursday’s episode of the Disney Plus series.

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“I had a really fun time with Tatiana, and the chemistry between those two characters, the back and forth, was so much fun,” Cox told ET at the recent D23 Expo. “We got to see a new side of Matt Murdock, a side of him where he’s kind of enjoying his role and having fun and flirting.”

Following She-Hulk, Charlie Cox will also star in his own Disney Plus series, Daredevil: Born Again with rumors Cox will also appear in the Echo series.

“It’s a bizarre experience to have played this character, to have the experiences I’ve had with this character, and the journey we’ve been on with the show, for that to be finished and ended — in my mind and heart, it’s over — and then to be yanked back in and suddenly we’re starting again and it’s all happening again,” he admitted. “It feels a bit like a dream.”

Cox also talked about She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany.

“Tatiana is amazing. I absolutely love her. She’s such a talented actor,” Cox told Deadline. “I’ve wanted to work with her for years. So to get this opportunity to work with her – but as these characters – was really fun. I can’t wait to see the episode that we have together because my feeling is that the chemistry between us was really good. They’re both lawyers to see those characters interact was really fun. I think it is a really special episode. I loved doing that. Really fun.”

Cox continued, “And also fun to see Matt in a show the tone of which is lighter, it’s more fun, it’s cheekier and tongue in cheek, and all of those things. So that was really fun. People ask me who I want to see in the Daredevil show. Obviously, I have no idea what they’re thinking for in that. It would be great if she could come into that for a couple of episodes. I have no idea if that is a possibility or not but it would be fun.”

Charlie Cox also filled in Cine Pop about how he reacted to first finding out about his return as Daredevil.

“I thought it was a joke or a prank. I got a message from Kevin Feige’s assistant saying, ‘Can you call us back?’ I thought it might be for a charity event on account of Covid and everyone would attend. But I was asked if I wanted to be in Spider-Man, it was crazy,” Cox said. “I was in the garden of my house and my wife was sitting on the steps, looking at me and asking: ‘What’s going on?’ It was crazy. It’s a childhood dream, it was unbelievable.”

She-Hulk vs Daredevil:

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