Neill Blomkamp Wants Peter Weller Back As RoboCop

Neill Blomkamp Wants Peter Weller Back As RoboCop

With a new RoboCop movie in the works, which is a sequel to the first movie from 1987, director Neill Blomkamp says he wants Peter Weller back as the cyborg crime fighter.

A fan tweeted out to Neill Blomkamp that he recently watched the original RoboCop movie and said he can’t wait to see who is cast as the character.

Neill Blomkamp replied, “Peter Weller.”

While Peter Weller happens to be 71-years-old, his age might not make that much of a difference as RoboCop is basically robot from head to toe except for the face, which could always be digitally altered if need be. Marvel Studios has used technology to make its actors look younger, and will be doing so again when Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg get de-aged 25 years for Captain Marvel, so something similar could be used for Weller.



Details for the new RoboCop include that original writers, Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner, are on board as executive producers and are actively involved, with Justin Rhodes writing the script, who also co-wrote the new Terminator movie.

Regarding how its a direct sequel to the 1987 movie, it appears to be ignoring any subsequent sequels, much like the new Halloween movie is doing, and the new Terminator 6 movie is doing something similar as it is a sequel to Terminator 2 and ignoring any of the films released following it.  

The original Robocop was released in 1987 and starred Peter Weller as officer Alex J. Murphy who gets shot while on patrol and is near death and he unwittingly becomes subjected to the RoboCop program where his mind is supposed to have been wiped as his body is transformed into a cyborg; however, the cyborg retains memories and emotions of Alex Murphy, and he becomes RoboCop.