Richard E. Grant Done Filming ‘Final Star Wars’


While discussing his Oscar nomination, actor Richard E. Grant lets it be known he has finished filming on the “final” Star Wars movie, which is Episode IX.

“I have. The final Star Wars. Yep,” Grant told the UK’s This Morning

It’s then remarked that huge secrecy surrounds the film.

“Yes. Never known anything like it,” Grant said. “I know it comes out on the 19th of December. I’m not even allowed to tell my wife and daughter the name of my character.”

Grant then discussed how Disney and LucasFilm are able to keep things so secure.

“There is security on the set, plain clothes and visible,” Grant explained. “You have to wear a cloak from the trailers to going inside the studios because there are drones going overhead. You have to read the script in a big conference room that has guards outside and closed circuit cameras. You get the pages you are doing on the day and you have to sign for in and sign out for them at the end of the day. So it’s high… It’s Fort Knox.”

As noted, the character Richard E. Grant is playing is a secret. Previously, it was speculated Grant was playing Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Star Wars Rebels animated series, but the actor shot that down

“I’m not playing the Star Wars character you just mentioned,” Grant confirmed. “I’m not allowed to tell you anything. Otherwise, I would be fired. It’s a complete lockdown on any information whatsoever.”

Richard E. Grant is nominated for the “Best Actor In A Supporting Role” Oscar for Can You Ever Forgive Me?