The Neverending Story Getting New Live-Action Films

Reboot on the way described as a great cinematic work of art for a wide audience.

never ending story reboot new live action films

The fan-favorite movie and beloved children’s fantasy book, The Neverending Story, is getting the reboot treatment with new live-action films.

The book was released in 1979 written by Michael Ende, which has sold millions of copies around the world, and then, of course, the 1984 movie was released directed and written by Wolfgang Petersen, which was a huge hit.

Michael Ende Productions has announced a reboot is in the works with Oscar-winning See-Saw Films.

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What are the details about The Neverending Story reboot?

Details include a new movie will be made which will lead to additional films.

Via Deadline, the new films for The Neverending Story will be produced by Iain Canning and Emile Sherman for See-Saw and Roman Hocke and Ralph Gassmann for Michael Ende Productions.

Michael Ende Productions and See-Saw will work with Lorenzo De Maio, who will be an executive producer on the films, along with Wolf-Dieter Von Gronau, and See-Saw’s Simon Gillis and Helen Gregory.

“Passionate about cinematic storytelling and entertaining audiences”

Canning and Sherman said in a statement, “The Neverending Story is a beloved book that has captured the imagination of generations of fans all over the world. Bringing literary worlds to screen is part of See-Saw’s DNA, and we are passionate about cinematic storytelling and entertaining audiences. We have such love for the book and are honored to be working with Michael Ende Productions on this collaboration to bring audiences back to Fantastica.”

“Great cinematic work of art for a wide audience”

Hocke added, “The Neverending Story is more than just a story. It is THE story of all stories, because it tells us, alongside the breathtaking journey of Atréju and Bastian in a fantasy world, the real reason why stories play such an important role in our lives that we want to internalize them in all shapes and forms throughout our lives. Without stories, there would be no individuality, no personalities, no sense of meaning in the world. We want to transform this unique story into a great cinematic work of art for a wide audience. We feel lucky to have See-Saw Films by our side for this great task!”

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Get swept into the magical world of Fantastica

The book is described as: When Bastian happens upon an old book called The Neverending Story, he’s swept into the magical world of Fantastica–so much that he finds he has actually become a character in the story! And when he realizes that this mysteriously enchanted world is in great danger, he also discovers that he is the one chosen to save it. Can Bastian overcome the barrier between reality and his imagination in order to save Fantastica?

The 1984 movie made $100 million at the time and starred Barret Oliver as Bastian, Noah Hathaway as Atréju, with Tami Stronach as the Childlike Empress. The film also features the fan-favorite character, Falkor the luckdragon voiced by Alan Oppenheimer, and features the theme song which is still popular to this day, composed by Giorgio Moroder, with lyrics by Keith Forsey, and performed by Christopher “Limahl” Hamill.

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