Marvel’s Echo Rotten Tomatoes Score Is In

Check out what the negative reviews say and comparisons to the MCU.

Check out what the negative reviews say and comparisons to the MCU.

Marvel's Echo Rotten Tomatoes Score Is In

Marvel’s Echo is now out on Disney+ and Hulu and the Rotten Tomatoes Score is in.

With the first batch of 22 reviews from the critics, the Echo Rotten Tomatoes Score is currently at 64%.

The Audience Score is also in and currently sits at 77%.

Update: With 49 reviews, the Rotten Tomatoes Score from the critics is now at 69%; the Audience Score has dropped to 73%.

echo rotten tomatoes score 69 73

Dumpster fire

I watched all the episodes in one sitting. The short of it is that the first two episodes are decent but the remaining three episodes are a complete dumpster fire. I also have no idea why Echo is rated mature, as it easily could have been TV-14. It’s like they added a couple of scenes later in reshoots or post-production featuring red-colored corn syrup to give it that “mature” rating. It’s more Marvel bad storytelling when it comes down to it. Thankfully, they are retooling the Daredevil series, so let’s hope they can get that right. Read my full review here.

Second lowest Rotten Tomatoes Score of the MCU

The Echo Rotten Tomatoes Score is the second lowest of the MCU Disney+ series, only trailing Secret Invasion. The Audience Score is the third lowest from fans and actually gets beat out by Ms. Marvel which is pretty scary, the current least-watched MCU show on Disney+ (likely Echo will take that title).

Check out what the negative reviews also say below.

MCU Disney+ Rotten Tomatoes Scores:

  • Echo: 69% critics / 73% audience
  • Secret Invasion: 53 / 47
  • She-Hulk: 77 / 32
  • Ms. Marvel: 98 / 80
  • Moon Knight: 86 / 89
  • Hawkeye: 92 / 88
  • Loki: 87 / 86
  • The Falcon and the Winter Solider: 85 / 82
  • WandaVision: 91 / 88

Echo negative reviews:

It’s too entwined with earlier series to stand on its own, and the few interesting creative decisions that make this stand out from the wider franchise aren’t enough to sustain an otherwise generic story. – Looper

[D]rab and dreadfully boring, with none of its characters interesting in the least—they don’t have defined arcs, no clear motivations, and seem to hang around sans meaning. –

Kevin Feige and the Marvel Machine can’t really decide if they should allow their latest miniseries to be a fantastical deconstruction of the history and future of Oklahoma or if they should treat it as some more homework for their next show (or movie). – Digital Mafia Talkies

Echo is a bit of a mixed bag. The attempt at fleshing out her heritage works well, and one action sequence is incredible, but the story is a bit unfocused. The editing is choppy, and the plot just isn’t super interesting. – Flick Fan Nation

A third-rate snoozer that further waters down the once-mighty Marvel brand. – The Daily Beast

“Echo” is ultimately a series about how the legacy of violence corrodes the soul, but it never knows how to heal or enrich it either, content to just land another bloody blow to the head instead. – The Playlist

Echo is best when it’s a ground level mafia show, not a Marvel show. It’s got epic action sequences but suffers from pacing issues. – Mama’s Geeky

Originally an eight-episode series, ‘Echo’ was reduced to five episodes and reshot after Marvel President Kevin Feige found the show ‘unreleasable’. – Flick Direct

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