Dinosaur Named After Marvel’s Thanos


It’s learned that scientists have named a species of dinosaur after Marvel’s great Titan, Thanos. 

While scientists don’t think dinosaurs went extinct with a snap, they decided to name a species Thanos simonattoi after the Marvel villain and the greek word for death, thánato, with latter world in honor of its discoverer, Sérgio Simonatto.

The first bones of Thanos simonattoi were discovered back in 2014 in São José do Rio Preto, Brazil. The researchers first unearthed a handful of fossil fragments, and then a few years later found more, with the fossils featuring enough unique characteristics to warrant their own species.

It’s estimated that Thanos simonattoi may have grown to 18 to 21 feet or so. It’s further said that there may have been a bigger predator in the area as different fossils were found near Thanos simonattoi that were larger (maybe they’ll call it Galactus?).

The dinosaur is also said to have very small arms, probably incapable of being used for hunting, so it’s thought the Infinity Gauntlet might be worn on its foot.

Here is a pic of what it might look like (with less purple). Look for Thanos to return May 3, 2019 in The Avengers 4:

(via flipscience)

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