Marvel Comics Censors Predator For Anti-Semitism and Racial Content

An Omnibus removes two issues reducing the content by more than 50 pages at the same cost.

An Omnibus removes two issues reducing the content by more than 50 pages at the same cost.

Marvel Comics Censors Predator

Marvel Comics is censoring the release of the Predator Omnibus Vol 2 due to apparent concerns surrounding anti-semitism and racial content.

Originally, the Omnibus collected Predator comics released by Dark Horse Comics from 1986 through 2017; however, Marvel has removed two issues that contain over 50 pages of content.

Marvel is now making the Predator Omnibus Vol 2 returnable as Marvel originally advertised the release with the two issues; however, it is also learned Marvel is not dropping the price.

Removed from the Omnibus includes Predator: Hell Come A-Walkin’ #1 and #2 from 1998, and the short story included in Dark Horse Presents #137 from 1986, which reduces the number of pages from 1048 to 992. 

The content features racial slurs set during the Civil War, and Nazis are portrayed as villains.

dark horse comics predator

What’s wrong with Predator: Hell Come A-Walkin’?

Predator: Hell Come A-Walkin is from writer Nancy Collins with art by Dean Ormston. The content features what looks to be a Confederate soldier being racist against a Union POC soldier. Here is the description of the comic:

It’s the Civil War . . . A nation is divided against itself and the once green countryside runs red with blood. Even as the conflict destroys towns and families it serves as bait . . . Bait for a Predator. When two opposing bands of soldiers bear witness to the Predator’s gruesome atrocities, they realize they have an enemy greater than each other. But can they lay aside their differences long enough to defeat their common foe?

What’s wrong with Dark Horse Presents #137?

The short story featured in Dark Horse Presents #137 contains Nazis but they apparently don’t express direct references to any racial group (but “heat” and “melting” is said which might be viewed as offensive). Here is the description:

A Nazi commandant will risk anything to locate a hidden cache of gold, but when he finally finds it he also discovers that the treasure has a guardian . . . Ron Marz and Claudio Castellini put a new spin on Predator. Also in this issue: the explosive conclusion to The Ark and another chapter of My Vagabond Days by X-Men writer Steve Seagle and artist Stefano Gaudiano.

Here is referenced artwork:

marvel censors predator 1
Predator: Hell Come A-Walkin’

marvel censors predator 2
Predator: Hell Come A-Walkin’
marvel censors predator 3
Predator: Hell Come A-Walkin’
marvel censors predator 4
Dark Horse Presents #137
marvel censors predator 5
Dark Horse Presents #137

Complete your library of classic PREDATOR comics

Predator Omnibus Vol 2 is due out on March 26, 2024. Amazon still has the censored and removed issues listed:

Complete your library of classic PREDATOR comics! It’s hunting season across the Earth – and in all eras! When the crew of a Chilean fishing boat sees something fall from the sky, they ready their nets for a big catch. But just who is the prey…and who is the Predator? A forest ranger is out of her league in the Alaskan wilderness! In 19th century London, Jack the Ripper isn’t the only one leaving behind a trail of blood! During the American Civil War, Confederates and Union soldiers are united by a common enemy! But why are Predators flocking to Earth? Why are they hunting each other? And after years of being victims, what are Earth’s deadliest warriors going to do about it? Meet the Predator Hunters – who go wherever they are needed! Collecting Predator: Hell & Hot Water (1997) 1-3; Predator: Primal (1997) 1-2; Predator: Nemesis (1997) 1-2; Predator: Hell Come A-Walkin’ (1998) 1-2; Predator: Captive (1998) 1; Predator: Homeworld (1999) 1-4; Predator: Xenogenesis (1999) 1-4; Predator (2009) 1-4; Predators (2010) 1-4; Predators: Beating the Bullet (2010) 1; Predators: Preserve the Game (2010) 1; Predator: Hunters (2017) 1-5; Predator: Hunters II (2018) 1-4; Predator: Hunters III (2020) 1-4; material from Dark Horse Presents (1986) 124, 137; Free Comic Book Day 2009: Predator.

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