LEGO Teases Big Star Wars Reveal


lego teases star wars

Strong will The Force be on October 1st!

LEGO took to Twitter to tease a big reveal for Star Wars!

The big reveal is thought to be a giant 7000-piece LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon!

A redditor posted that the LEGO Millennium Falcon will be the largest and most expensive LEGO set ever at a cost of $799.99 featuring both the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back characters with the Force Awakens characters in addition to a small Mynock! It’s claimed if you are a VIP member you can get it mid-September early, with the retail release coming on October 1st.

Some of the LEGO Star Wars: The last Jedi sets have of also hit the net featuring Snoke in his gold robe, evil black BB-8 droids, Poe Dameron is now Captain Poe Dameron, and The First Order Heavy Assault Walker.

LEGO also previously revealed Star Wars: The Last Jedi posters. See below! 

star wars last jedi lego luke
star wars last jedi lego leia
star wars last jedi lego rey
star wars last jedi lego finn
star wars last jedi lego kylo renn
star wars last jedi lego poe dameron