Jumanji Tops Box Office 4 Weeks In A Row

Jumanji Tops Box Office 4 Weeks In A Row

Dwayne Johnson‘s Jumanji movie is a smash success as it has topped the box office for the fourth weekend in a row.

Jumanji netted $20.04 million for this past weekend giving the film a current U.S. box office gross of near $317 million, with a current worldwide box office gross of $767,785,148.

Jumanji also passed Skyfall to become Sony’s fifth-highest grossing film ever, which is a pretty huge deal.

I actually saw Jumanji yesterday afternoon and loved it. It was a fun movie, and I also liked how it didn’t step on the first movie’s toes at all, while at the same time offering a small tribute.

Watch a video from Dwayne Johnson below thanking the fans for all the support. Up next for Dwayne Johnson, is the Rampage movie, which looks to be a lot of fun as well.

Rounding out this weekend’s box office includes:

Chris Hemsworth’s latest movie, 12 Strong, coming in at #2 with $16.5 million

#3 is Den of Thieves with $15.32 million

#4 is The Post at $12,15 million

#5 is The Greatest Showman at $11 million

#6 is Paddington 2 at $8.24 million

#7 is The Commuter at $6.685 million

#8 is Star Wars: The Last Jedi at $6.566 million

#9 is Insidious: The Last Key at $5.945 million

#10 is Forever My Girl at $4,703,070.

Watch the Dwayne Johnson video:


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Sitting in quiet gratitude (like a weirdo) and awe over this unprecedented #JUMANJI news. All this stuff is much bigger than me.. it’s all about you – the fans around the world. I work hard and fingers crossed, I get lucky along the way, but in the end.. none of it happens without you. THANK YOU. #JUMANJI #1MovieInTheWorld #4WeeksStraight

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