Jim Starlin Documentary Trailer Teaser

Jim Starlin documentary

A documentary is in the works about Thanos creator Jim Starlin from Sleeping Giant.

The teaser features footage of Jim Starlin and a look at his Thanos.

“Villains are a lot more interesting,” Starlin said. “If you have a hero, there’s a very limited range on the spectrum they can go and still remain a hero. On the other hand, Thanos can go the full spectrum of human existence.”

Jim Starlin was featured at Sleeping Giant for this past weekend’s Free Comic Book Day, which I was lucky enough to attend, and I got to meet the legend himself.

Sleeping Giant is actually owned by Sean Husvar, who has worked in the industry for years and is the publisher of Ominous Press which has Bart Sears, Andy Smith and Ron Marz on board.

Check out the Jim Starlin teaser:

Jim Starlin Free Comic Book Day at Sleeping Giant:


#FCBD with Jim Starlin!

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#FCBD Jim Starlin! #avengersinfinitywar #thanos

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