Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’ Gets Destroyed On Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb

Disney's 'Pinocchio' Gets Destroyed On Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb

This should come as no surprise following the number of dislikes on the trailer as Disney’s live-action Pinocchio movie released last week has been destroyed by both Rotten Tomatoes and users on IMDb.

And it’s not just the fans, the critics agree.

Pinocchio released on Disney Plus on Sept. 8 only has a 28% Rotten Tomatoes Critics Score and a 36% Audience Score.

Over at IMDb, the average user rating is only 5.2.

Pinocchio Rotten Tomatoes
‘Pinocchio’ Rotten Tomatoes

Regarding the trailer, when it was released back in May, fans disliked the Pinnochio trailer so much that the trailer currently has 558k dislikes to 54k likes.

YouTuber users can reenable the number of dislikes feature by enabling browser extensions on Chrome such as the “Return YouTube Dislike” extension which shows the number of dislikes.

While there has been question about the validity of the extension, we see that the number of dislikes is proportionate to the negative response to the movie, so yeah, it seems to line up or at the least give an indication as to fans’ thoughts on the movie/project.

Pinocchio trailer on YouTube
‘Pinocchio’ trailer on YouTube
Halle Bailey in Disney's The Little Mermaid
Halle Bailey in Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’

The Little Mermaid movie is next

Up next for Disney is The Little Mermaid movie which is generating a similar response to Pinocchio.

At this past weekend’s D23 Expo, Disney released The Little Mermaid trailer which has been disliked to oblivion on YouTube.

The official trailer for The Little Mermaid on the Walt Disney Studios YouTube page has been disliked over a million times.

The Little Mermaid trailer currently has been disliked 1.4 million times to 439k likes.

Again, if the amount of dislikes is anything to go by, The Little Mermaid Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb scores will be in the gutter.

How do you get Pinocchio and The Little Mermaid wrong?

The Little Mermaid trailer on YouTube
‘The Little Mermaid’ trailer on YouTube

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