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Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds Thinks Fox and Disney Is A Done Deal

Matt McGloin
Posted: 12/06/2017 - 21:24
Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds Thinks Fox and Disney Is A Done Deal

The X-Men look to be assembling in the MCU as it's recently been reported an announcement could be coming next week about Disney purchasing Fox Studios.

The deal would see the Fox Studio-owned Marvel characters - Deadpool, Wolverine, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer and Galactus (and more) - at Disney, which owns Marvel Studios.

Now Ryan Reynolds has again taken to Twitter to respond, where it seems the Deadpool actor thinks the deal may already be done.

"Time to uncork that explosive sexual tension between Deadpool and Mickey Mouse," Reynolds posted.

When news of the possible sale between Fox and Disney first became known, Ryan Reynolds also took to social media to seemingly vote against it as his play on words replaced "f-ck" with "fudge," seemingly hinting at Disney possibly not wanting to do R-rated comic book movies. 

"If this is true, I wonder how the fudge it would affect Deadpool?" Reynolds tweeted.

Now it presently isn't clear if the deal does go through how it will affect the X-Men universe as Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said there are no plans for X-Men (and related Fox characters) in the MCU, but obviously once the deal does go through things could be different.