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Exclusive Interview: The Vision and a New Avengers Team Assemble in Sam Humphries' New Ongoing

Posted: 04/29/2013 - 17:33 COMMENT


Out of the mega-storm that is Age of Ultron comes a new team with a difficult mission: Avengers A.I. starring the Vision!

Written by Sam Humphries (Uncanny X-Force) and illustrated by Andre Lima Araujo (Fantastic Four #5AU), the book answers the long-asked question, what if the machines of the world (in this case, the A.I.s) got tired of being abused by humans?

Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer sat down exclusively with Humphries on a couple of widgets and asked the hard questions about the book, scheduled for a July debut.

Cosmic Book News: Age of Ultron takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the robot Ultron is supreme. Tell us how your ongoing spins out if this event calamity.

Sam HumphriesTo even address the premise of this question would be a spoiler, and Bendis would slide a knife between my ribs if I did so.

CBN: The Vision, who just returned in the Marvel Universe, has obviously had the most experience with humans. How will this work, either to his favor or detriment, going forward?

Sam HumphriesThe Vision will no longer be just the "robot in the room," he'll be an artificial intelligence in a war between humans and A.I.s. It will put him in a new position, with a foot in both worlds, and force him to really consider where he "belongs," and what that even means for a character like himself.


CBN: Will this grouping of A.I.s be a team or just a family of the same type of beings similar to the X-Men? What is their mission?

Sam HumphriesThe team's mission is to defend both sides of the intensifying human/machine conflict. But their unique relationships to both sides will sometimes put them at odds with how people expect them to do the job.

CBN: Tell us about this Doombot that is seeking redemption of a kind.

Sam HumphriesHe's got all the ambition, drive and arrogance of Doctor Doom, without any of the kingdom, power or resources of the real deal. This is a Doom who will have to bite and scrape and claw his way to the top, to fulfill his delusions of grandeur. 

CBN: Any new characters among the A.I.s?

Sam HumphriesYes, Alexis, who inhabits the most advanced robot body in the Marvel Universe.


CBN: Will any humans be playing a role in the book? Certainly Hank Pym, Vision's "grandfather"?

Sam HumphriesYes, Hank Pym, as well as the Marvel Universe version of Monica Chang, the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s artificial intelligence department.

CBN: Any new big-bads coming up in the ongoing unaffiliated with Ultron?

Sam HumphriesDimitrios is a super-intelligence who is not pleased with the way humanity has been treating their machine counterparts for the past hundred years. He's going to be taking the fight to the streets of the Marvel Universe.

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Sam Humphries for taking time out of the busy convention season to answer our questions, and we also thank Marvel’s own Arune Singh and James Viscardi for helping make this interview possible.

“Avengers A.I.” #1 hits shelves in July!