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Don't Rule Out Avengers, X-Men & Spider-Man Movie Crossover Says Kevin Feige

Matt McGloin Posted: 11/04/2013 - 18:04 COMMENT


Every Marvel fans dream is to see all their favorite characters on the big screen at one time, but will it ever happen as different studios own the different major Marvel characters?

Never say never says Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

Marvel Studios owns the likes of The Avengers with Fox owning the X-Men and Sony the Amazing Spider-Man.

The studios already have some relationship as Kevin Feige has produced the Spider-Man movies and Sony and Disney do have a mutual deal about the film and merchandising rights for the Web Swinger. Stan Lee also happens to be listed as an executive producer on just about all the Marvel movies as well.

In addition, it just makes for great business sense to feature all the characters in one movie as The Avengers alone is a billion dollar plus film. 

Kevin Feige is asked in a fan QnA with IGN about whether or not we will ever see the likes of Spider-Man and the X-Men crossover with the Avengers. Feige says don't expect it anytime soon, but definitely is not ruling it out.

"[The Falcon] is a good example of the amount of characters that Marvel already has, that we can add to future installments of the films," Feige said. "So I would say not anytime soon. Would we be in a position to team up with other studios that have a few of our characters, because we have so many characters ourselves?  But I would never say never."