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Disney & Fox Execs Talks Fantastic Four Comic Book Cancellation

Matt McGloin Posted: 11/15/2014 - 17:50 COMMENT


While Marvel Comics launches umpteen new comics based on the Marvel Studios movies, they happen to be cancelling Fantastic Four, of which Fox Studios' owns the FF movie rights.

Now in a round table interview with THR, Fox CEO Jim Gianopulos and Disney's Alan Fine are asked about the cancellation.

It's mentioned that Alan's friends at Marvel pulled the Fantastic Four comic "for now," with Gianopulos responding, "They did?"

Laughter breaks out around the table with THR stating, "They did," and asks Gianopulos, "Do you get the feeling that Alan's Marvel is trying to strangle your Marvel?"

"I don't know how that decision came about," Gianopulos said.

"Me either," Fine interjected.

"The comic was not a huge seller. Fantastic Four is a very established group of characters. The film is awesome. I don't know how that played into their decision. The book wasn't selling as well as others," Gianopulos said.

"It doesn't matter from your perspective?" THR asked.

"No. It doesn't matter," Gianopulos replied.

"Full independent decision," Fine added. "I didn't even know about it. I mean, honestly. We don't... Not even...[shakes head]."

It's been stated that Marvel Comics CEO Ike Perlmutter made the call to cancel the Fantastic Four comic; so if that is the case, we see why Fine really wouldn't have anything to do with the comic book side of things.