Civil War: A24 Uses False Advertisement In AI Posters?

Scenes that aren't in the movie are featured on new posters as part of the marketing causing massive backlash.

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If there was even a case to sue the fk out of a studio for false advertisement, this could be it.

As part of the marketing for Alex Gardner’s Civil War – which has a $50 million budget – A24 has released six new posters featuring scenes that aren’t even in the movie, much like the first poster and the IMAX poster released.

According to THR, the posters are generated through use of AI, too, which is leading to a big controversy and lots of backlash. Fans aren’t happy.

It’s exactly as I said, the movie is bait and switch.

While the trailers, posters and marketing make it seem as if the movie features a big civil war, it’s quite different when you actually watch the movie.

And these latest posters? Wow. None of that is even teased. What a fn joke.

This might even worse than that Yesterday movie that features Ana de Armas in the trailer but she’s not in the movie which resulted in fans suing for false advertisement which was recently settled.

I actually am wondering what the legality is here with A24 and these Civil War posters. Maybe they could argue ‘well, it exists in the world of the movie’ or some shit.

Regardless, I’ll tell ya what, I’ll rethink watching anything from this clown of a studio again. Shame on them. Wonder if Gardner is aware?

The movie opened to a decent box office but following movie goers realizing it’s a bait-and-switch, the reactions haven’t been good. Maybe A24 is desperate so they are stooping to a new low further faking out fans that haven’t watch the flick? The movie sucks. Don’t bother.

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