Carol Danvers Captain Marvel Gets Agent Carter Creative Team & New Look



Following the news of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s departure from the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel series, Marvel has announced a new creative team, which will consist of the showrunners behind the Agent Carter TV series.

Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas will be the writers on the new Captain Marvel #1 that launches following Secret Wars, with Kris Anka on as artist.

Fast Company revealed details and the new look of Carol Danvers which includes an altered costume and a short new hair cut.

• The new series begins eight months after the end of Secret Wars.

• The new mission has Captain Marvel as Earth’s first line of defense against extraterrestrial threats.

• S.W.O.R.D. will not be around post-Secret Wars.

• Carol comes upon a ghost ship, with no crew or dead crew, with the first six issues dealing with the fact that it’s not a coincidence that the ship is headed towards Earth and Captain Marvel.

• Carol is really meant to be a soldier and a commander, and also a diplomat; the series is rooted in Earth but also an extension into the galaxy.

Regarding the new costume and hair cut:

 “We’ve slightly modified her costume to kind of reflect her new status quo,” says Butters. “There’s been a lot of controversy about Carol Danvers’ haircut. We really wanted to make sure it was consistent and streamlined. Last year I think a lot of people couldn’t get her hairstyle—sometimes it was short, sometimes it was long—so we went in and designed exactly what she would look like. Kris really wanted to go shorter, because he felt it aligned with what her new look is all about.”

“She’s military,” added Fazekas. “She’s not going to have this huge mane of hair. It needs to be practical.”