Chris Hemsworth Helps Redditor See Avengers: Endgame Early


Chris Hemsworth assembles to the aid of a terminal ill Redditor, known as alexander_q, who will now get the chance to see The Avengers: Endgame early following a post that has gone viral requesting assistance to see the film before he passes.

The 33-year-old Australian native Alexander’s Avengers: Endgame appeal was noticed by the Thor actor who contacted Disney, with the studio having since contacted Alexander in an e-mail with further details.

In a post on Reddit, Alexander revealed that he is battling liver cancer, mouth cancer and bone marrow failure, as he suffers from the rare genetic condition, Fanconi Anemia, which took the life of his sister three years ago.

“Disney have reached out and we are discussing options. I cried when I read their email. It’s everything I hoped for and I owe it to all of you,” Alexander wrote.

Regarding the assistance from Chris Hemsworth, Alexander says that a friend of a friend helped him out. 

“I’ve had messages from people hinting that Marvel higher-ups are aware of me and are preparing something,” he wrote. “Also, because Australia is a small place, turns out I know a guy who knows a guy who is chums with Chris Hemsworth. I think they called him tonight on my behalf.”

Alexander also promised fellow Redditors not to spoil The Avengers: Endgame and said the thought of being famous is “pretty strange and getting stranger fast.”

The Redditor further noted that he is not seeking monetary support and wants any donations to be given to the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund

“A few commenters have offered financial support. I’ve told them that money isn’t my problem, just time. Instead, I’d like to direct you to donate money for research into my genetic disease, Fanconi Anemia,” he said.

(via Daily Mail)