Avengers 4 Spoilers Leak Online

Avengers 4 Rumors

Following the release of The Avengers: Infinity War, a batch of possible Avengers 4 spoilers claiming to be leaks hits the net.

A user on Reddit who claims to have posted previous leaks for The Avengers: Infinity War offers potential details about The Avengers 4 and possible big time SPOILERS.

The Avengers 4 spoilers include time travel, Thor getting killed, Captain America wielding Mjolnir (which also means Thor gets his hammer back), the death of Captain America, Nebula battling a different version of herself, the remaining Avengers building their own Infinity Gauntlet (the Stark Infinity Gauntlet) and going back in time to find the Infinity Stones from the past, the Guardians of the Galaxy movies getting changed as a result of the time travel, and that Hulk wields the Avengers’ Infinity Gauntlet and loses his arm while battling Thanos. Not mentioned below is that it’s also speculated Pepper Potts is the sacrifice for the Soul Stone (for when the Avengers go back in time).    

The Avengers 4 rumors:

The movie is indeed about members of the avengers going back in time visiting many instances of the old movies. I was told the movie focuses heavily on the relationship between Steve and Tony and that they for sure were amongst the members who go back in time.

-Nebula has an arc throughout the movie and there is a scene where nebula fights her past evil self.

-MAJOR SPOILERS…………..I was told that at one point bearded Steve and Thor have a fight scene against Thanos where Thor gets blown away and Cap actually ends up weilding Mjolnir because he has finally been found worthy. However I was told that Thanos does end up killing Cap. I’m not sure what plot lines lead to Mjolnir having never broken and it does seem weird that they would introduce stormbreaker in this past movie but this is what I was told.

-There is a scene with Hawkeye running with the Stark Infinity Gauntlet from something, wasn’t told what. And yes I was told that the plan is for the avengers to the make their own gauntlet and that they will gather the stones throughout the past however this ends up changing things slightly for post A4. The avengers get the stone from the first gaurdians of the galaxy before star lord retrieves it thus changing their movies entirely. I agree this is an odd choice but again this was told from my source who I have proven to be legit by me providing true leaks for infinity war.

-Finally the last thing I was told is that the hulk has a bit of an arc in A4 and that he is the one to wield the Stark Gauntlet against Thanos but he ends up losing his arm in the process, not sure how.

This is all I have for now but I imagine I might have some more in the future. I hope we can have a mature discussion about this even if you think I’m a liar or disagree with me. It’s very frustrating providing leaks to you guys and I get a million PM’s telling me to kill myself lol. Even when the user Wesker provided every detail of infinity war after he saw the movie sooooo many of you called him full of sh-t even though he took the work to type out everything for you guys. Regardless I’m not here to preach to you guys. I have proven my credibility and hope you guys enjoy!

Now bear in mind this Avengers 4 “leak” could have been planned by Marvel Studios as the Russo brothers recently admitted they intentionally misled fans by including footage in trailers that was never meant for the movie. So it’s entirely possibly Marvel could have posted these leaks themselves in order to continue to throw off the fans. In addition, the Russo brothers also stated they are not yet finished with filming on Avengers 4.

However, some of the above could be entirely true as well!

Speaking of leaks, I was told the title for Avengers 4 is Avengers: Endgame

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