Josh Brolin Reveals Avengers 4 Spoilers?

Avengers 4 Josh Brolin Spoilers

Josh Brolin apparently lets loose a few spoilers for The Avengers 4.

So, spoiler warning!


While speaking with Total Film magazine, Josh Brolin offers up what it feels like to play Thanos using a mo-cap suit, where he lists names of actors he has worked with in what sounds like a scene for The Avengers 4. Why it looks to be spoiler is because he names Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel, and who has been said to NOT be appearing in The Avengers: Infinity War, which would mean it’s for Avengers 4 — so this could also apparently reveal the other actors that are named survive Infinity War. Or does it actually reveal Brie Larson is a part of Infinity War?

“I thought, ‘What the [frick] am I doing here?’ Because you’re in a onesie, man. You’ve got to walk around in a onesie and imagine yourself as an actor with some impact. It starts messing with your head. I’m Josh, who’s got dots on him, and a onesie, and a helmet can, and I’ve got Scarlett right there, and I’ve got Brie, and Don Cheadle, and Hemsworth, and Chris Evans, and Downey…I’m sitting there, and I’m looking like I look, which is not 700lb and purple and eight feet tall. I mean, I’m feeling about as far from Jason Statham as one can feel at that moment, and yet I’m acting like I feel 10 times what Jason Statham is. I’m the man!”

Now it’s possible that Josh Brolin could have generally been speaking and not meant all the actors were together in one room (or scene), but it at least confirms that Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel will meet Thanos (somehow) in Avengers 4 or Infinity War.

It also brings up the question if the Avengers will actually die in Infinity War or if it will all go down in Avengers 4?

The Avengers: Infinity War opens next week, Captain Marvel gets released March 8, 2019, with The Avengers 4 having a May 3, 2019 release.

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