Zero Month: Brew looks at the New 52



Last year around this time, we were all excited because Justice League #1 was already selling out early and leading the charge of DC’s New 52 – a relaunch of most of the comic book publisher’s major and minor titles with more than a few bits of history – and characters – changed.

We – or at least the guys in the halls of Cosmic Book News – loved it. I still do.

Since that time, there have been unexpected changes in creative crews, a cancellation or two that was sad, and true surprises like a quality Aquaman comic, an interesting Earth 2 book, Stormwatch in the DCnU — and more!

Now it is time for something different coming in September 2012: Zero Month!

Yep, all the New 52 titles – and some new ones coming in, if you have been keeping count – will be looking at that window of five years that spanned between “now” and the coming of the Justice League.

So what Zeroes will you be picking up, gentle reader?

Here’s how I, your humble M.E., see it:

September 5:

DETECTIVE COMICS #0 – Got to see how these writers are fooling with Bats’ origin, natch.

GREEN LANTERN #0 – Having yet to read Green Lantern Annual #1, I am still wondering about the fates of Sinestro and Hal Jordan, “the greatest Black Lantern” and exactly who the Third Army is — and Baz??

STORMWATCH #0 – So how did they come to be and why can’t we have a smackdown between Stormwatch and the Lanterns? Yes!

THE PHANTOM STRANGER #0 – One word: Judas?

September 12

BATMAN #0 – See above.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #0 – I am back to this title for one reason: Third Army!

TEAM 7 #0 – This has been referenced all over the DCnU, including in Geoff Johns’ Justice League. I have a feeling it will become a favorite!

September 19


JUSTICE LEAGUE #0 – I could care less about Shazam, but I am looking for a little taste of Trinity War.

September 26

AQUAMAN #0 – Geoff Johns is rumored to be giving up the ghost on this book, but I am in hopes Arthur’s past and momentum keep going anyway. (Well, I can dream, can’t I?)


RED LANTERNS #0 – Dropped this one long ago. Only the continuing Third Army arc could bring me back. Oh yeah, and Stormwatch’s appearance!

Well, those are my planned pulls for the first month of football.

So what Zeroes will you be picking up? Let us know on the Forum!