Zack Snyder No Comment On Justice League Movie; Shannon Confirms CGI Armor For Zod In Man of Steel


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6127:]]It’s been stated that the Justice League movie is dependent on the success of the Man of Steel which will usher in a new era of DC Comics comic book movies.

That responsibility in addition to launching a new Superman franchise rests on the shoulders of director Zack Snyder.

The Man of Steel is featured in the latest issue of Total Film Magazine, and Snyder was asked if the Man of Steel had a part to play in the DC wider universe.

“I can’t really say,” responded Snyder to the questioning.

Snyder did go on to state that he hopes he creates an awesome Superman everyone is interested in and added, “He’s the biggest superhero in the world. Or should be. He’s Superman, for God’s sake!”

The “no comment” from Snyder on the Justice League movie could be looked at as a good thing as it’s been said that Snyder is actually up to direct the movie.

In the same issue we also hear from the film’s villain, Michael Shannon, who actually isn’t described as a villain at all by the actor.

Shannon says, “[Zod] isn’t a villain at all. He’s not a villain anymore than any other general fighting to protect his people. He doesn’t just like to hurt people and steal their diamonds; he’s focused at being successful at his job.”

Set images previously revealed Michael Shannon in a motion-capture suit, and now the actor confirms it’s for Kryptonian battle armor.

Total Film remarks how it’s not the “disco-wear” from the Donner movies and that Shannon’s suit is “more battle-friendly armor – armor so hardy it had to be realized with motion-capture,” with Shannon adding, “because the real thing would probably crush me.”

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Man of Steel flies into theaters June 14th.

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