Zack Snyder: Clues To Superman: Man of Steel 2012 villain?



The director on the new Superman, Zach Snyder, recently made some comments on just what sort of Superman he prefers.

Snyder told the LA Times Hero Complex that he prefers the way legendary comic book artists Curt Swan and Jim Lee draw the iconic character. Swan and Lee tend to depict Big Blue in a very powerful and strong manner – one I like as well!

“It’s funny, I have that stamp image — it’s him tearing open his jacket. Its got a retro vibe to it, it’s cool. That’s the background on my iPad. It’s Curt Swan and the way he draws that jawline, it is like Mt. Rushmore, totally, or like ‘The Incredibles.’ Swan is really good.”

“My taste level goes to the more, I guess, muscular Superman. The bigger, more muscular Superman, the way Jim draws him. Those tend to be the artists I like in comics. So Jim’s Superman, for sure.  That’s not to say that’s how the movie will be, of course, but as far as the comics. It’s an interesting thing to think about though. There have just been so many incarnations and so many great ones. As a fan you don’t really to have to pick, you can enjoy them all.”

The director also commented on Superman in the latest edition to SFX Magazine, with:

“…I think Superman needs to be physical.”

Now, those statements are pretty revealing.

As we saw with Bryan Singer’s version, in Superman: Returns, the Man of Steel didn’t really punch anything. Think about it. Was he going to punch a hole right through Lex Luthor? Nope.

What Zach Snyder is actually saying, is that Superman needs a villain equal to the strength and power the Last Son Of Krypton possesses.

Ursa, has already been mentioned. We can’t forget Sarah Douglas’ uber-powered lieutenant to Zod in both Superman and Superman II. In 2006, DC Comics (finally) put her in the comics under the guiding hand of – Richard Donner. However, is Superman’s arch nemesis really going to be female? Sorry, don’t mean to sound chauvinistic, just being realistic.

This begs the question: Will we see Zod? General Zod, was placed into the Phantom Zone after rebelling against Krypton. Obviously, the General is more than a match for Superman. Though, I don’t think Snyder will go this route as this too closely resembles Superman II. However, it has been a number of years since then. Add to it, Zod has been in Smallville and Snyder’s Superman does seem closer to that.



Doomsday! What this engine of destruction has going for itself, is the fact that the 1992 “Death Of Superman” story is well known among all fans of Superman. Plus, there has been “whispering” (whatever that means) of Doomsday’s inclusion. Even more, concept art was made for the now defunct Tim Burton Superman: Lives (sequel to Superman: Returns).

I’m not sold on Doomsday. As Snyder has mentioned, his Superman will be taking place before Clark ends up at the Daily Planet and living in Metropolis. I think, this would be too early in Superman’s “career.” Of course, it could still work and could be nothing more than a “first strike” sent by Zod or —


Braniac gets my vote for the new Superman major villain. You can still have Ursa, Zod, Doomsday or whoever else (Parasite?!), having Clark punch the crud out of them. However, all that brawn needs to be balanced by some — brains!

Look for the new Superman in 2012 directed by Zack Snyder, produced by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises) and starring Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

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