X-Box 720 To Be Cheaper and Smaller?


picA blogger has leaked some info on the new X-Box 720 that is said to be announced at next year’s E3.

Among the details is mention of the new version of X-Box being “cheaper” and “far smaller” than its 360 counterpart.

The Xbox is another story altogether. With a heady mix of rumors, tips and speculation, I am now stating that Xbox codename “loop” (the erstwhile XboxTV) will indeed debut a modified Win9 core. It will use a Zune HD-like hardware platform—a  “main” processor with multiple dedicated assistive cores for graphics, AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors. It will be custom designed by Microsoft and two partners based on the ARM architecture. It will be cheaper than the 360, further enabling Kinect adoption. And it will be far smaller than the 360. It will also demonstrate how Windows Phone could possible implement Win9’s dev platform on the lower end.

IGN notes that the blogger is a reputable one when it comes to news on Microsoft. The IGN comments are always interesting as many of their readers take note of the “Kinect adoption” and compare it to the Wii. They seem to think Microsoft might be going after the less gaming audience and more toward the “ma and kid” casual player, which — let’s be honest — is a bigger audience than hardcore gamer.

Personally speaking, while I haven’t played the Kinect, the Wii motion games are fun, but tend to be similar and end up becoming boring. 

And that’s why we are getting an upgrade this X-Mas (PS3)!