World War Z Opens To $66 Million; Sequel Green Lit



At once thought to be a complete disaster, it now turns out that not only is World War Z #1 at the box office, but a sequel has been green lit as well.

Audiences turned out in force for the PG-13 zombie flick which raked in $66 million domestically with another $45.8 internationally.

That brings the opening weekend gross for World War Z to $111.8 million.

So with that news it comes to no surprise that Paramount has green lit the sequel.

World War Z was the best opening ever for the film’s star, Brad Pitt, as well as the second best for an original tentpole movie, behind Avatar, reports THR.

It was thought World War Z was in trouble as the release date was delayed as well as mention of a third-act rewrite; however, we now see that everything has turned out for the better.

More than likely the film’s success can be attributed to both the zombie theme as well as the PG-13 rating, as the rating enables families to enjoy the walking dead, or in this film’s case, the “running” dead, which is all the rage as of late.