World War Z Blu-Ray Comes Unrated



Paramount has released details on the World War Z Blu-Ray which includes an unrated version.

Available September 17th, the World War Z Blu-Ray will come with added extras including two featurettes looking at the origins with Brad Pitt and the scientific reality of zombies.

The World War Z Blu-Ray will also feature production video with Pitt’s character around the globe.

“I’m really excited for fans to see the new unrated version of World War Z on Blu-ray,” Pitt said in a statement, reports EW. “We were thrilled with the audience response to the film in theaters and wanted to give viewers even more of the action and intensity that they loved when they watch the film at home.”

A World War Z sequel is already in the works at Paramount, and the movie has just been announced to have a limited IMAX re-release.

Below you can check out further details, and the World War Z Blu-Ray can also be ordered through Amazon at a discount.


Feature film in high definition (Unrated version)
“Origins” — The filmmakers discuss collaborating with renowned actor/producer Brad Pitt to create a zombie film the likes of which have never been seen.
“Looking to Science” — Explore the scientific realities of zombie behavior in nature and learn more about zombies in literature and film.

WWZ: Production
“Outbreak” — Go on set with Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster for a behind-the-scenes look at the film’s breathtaking first attack in Philadelphia.
“The Journey Begins” — Delve deeper into Gerry’s fight for survival during the dramatic escape in South Korea.
“Behind the Wall” — Explore the epic scene in Jerusalem and discover the incredible logistics of creating the elaborate stunts and crowd sequences.
“Camouflage” — Experience the final confrontation between Gerry and the zombies and discover the phenomenal scope of the film’s production.