WonderCon 2012: New Punisher Series — In Space



You read that right Marvel Cosmic fans.

While your favorite cosmic super hero is either getting replaced or just plain old dying out, the Punisher is headed to space in a four issue mini.

Space: Punisher, from Frank Tieri and Mark Texeira, sees Frank Castle go cosmic this July.

“It’s the Punisher…in space!” he [Arune Singh] declared, noting that the book reimagines the entire Marvel U as a a galactic crime saga where amongst other twists, there will be a giant Hulk who’s like “The Moby Dick of space” along with plenty of other wild twists on classic characters.

Come August or so we’ll be reading on Tom Brevoort’s Form Spring why this wasn’t such a big seller — it’s cosmic! Of course!

(via CBR)