WonderCon 2012: First Look At New Dark Avengers; More Marvel Cosmic Info



The last Marvel panel of the WonderCon saw the introduction of the new Dark Avengers!

As we heard earlier, “The Next Big Thing” panel announced that Thunderbolts get renamed to Dark Avengers with #175 in June.

Jeff Parker is still on the book, and Luke Cage is still the leader.

Following, is some info from the blog, which you can check out below in its entirety.

We also get some Marvel Cosmic related news with mention of the Guardians of the Galaxy and more! For more on Marvel Cosmic head on over to see what Tom Brevoort had to say about there being massive plans!

Dark Avengers:

Ӣ DARK AVENGERS #175 launches in June by writer Jeff Parker, Kev Walker and Declan Shalvey. Luke Cage leading the team. Skaar, Ragnarok and more!

”¢  Dark Avengers #175 cover art by Mike Deodato (right)

”¢  The Dark Avengers team currently seen in Avengers/New Avengers will be coming over into the book. Luke Cage will still be a part of the book, and it will still be written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Kev Walker and Declan Shalvey!

”¢  With DARK AVENGERS starting, it means something for THUNDERBOLTS. It’s the book’s 15th anniversary!

About Marvel Cosmic:

”¢  Fan asking if there are cosmic Marvel plans. Tom Brevoort says yes, there are cosmic Marvel plans in the works. Nova is a big part of Avengers Vs. X-Men on purpose

”¢  The big cosmic Marvel stuff will come to the fore at the end of this year or early next year.

”¢  More Guardians [of the Galaxy] stuff coming up when you least expect it.” – Tom Brevoort

”¢  Fan asking if there will be a Rocket Raccoon series. Arune mentions the Annihilators limited series where there was a Rocket Raccoon back-up.

”¢  Fan asking if there will be a new Sorcerer Supreme. With Bendis leaving Avengers, will there be anything with Doctor Strange and the plotlines he had. Tom says yes, those things will be resolved.

”¢  Arune and Sam talking about the current DEFENDERS book and the upcoming DOCTOR STRANGE: SEASON ONE with lots of Doc Strange stuff.

”¢  Big applause from the crowd about the new CAPTAIN MARVEL series. Fan wants more comics headlined by women.

”¢  Tom says that we are doing that. Not just in solo characters, but also in the team books.

”¢  Fan asking what’s going on with FF and FANTASTIC FOUR after Hickman. As we get closer to 2013, there will be more info. But don’t put the cart before the horse. Hickman has PLENTY of Fantastic Four stuff left.