WonderCon 2011: Marvel Giveaways


Press Release

Don’t Miss The Great Marvel Giveaways of WonderCon!

From April 1st-3rd, Marvel will be holding down the fort at San Francisco’s premiere pop culture event, WonderCon and we’re bringing a bunch of free swag, sneak peeks and prizes along to celebrate! Don’t miss out – WonderCon comes but once a year and Marvel is going to make sure you remember the experience by handing out a new batch of stuff every day all weekend long! Here’s just a taste of what visitors to the official Marvel Booth (#801) can expect:

  • MARVEL MIX-TAPE SPRING 2011 – Featuring exclusive previews of the year’s most anticipated series including Fear Itself #1, Herc #1, FF #1, Venom #1 and more!
  • X-SCHISM/ALPHA FLIGHT POSTER – Get the first clues to the secrets of the summer’s seismic X-event with a one-of-kind teaser poster for X-Schism that also features superstar artist Phil Jimenez’s stunning cover to Alpha Flight #1 on the reverse side!
  • AXEL EiC BUTTON – Hail to the chief with this WonderCon exclusive badge celebrating Marvel’s newly minted EiC, the one and only Axel Alonso! Fly the flag for the House of Idea’s newest Editor-on-Chief, and comics legend in his own right, with this one-of-a-kind giveaway!

And, as always, we’ll be handing out special, limited run buttons at every Marvel panel. Get there early and get ‘em all!

  • X-MEN SCHISM BUTTON – Celebrate the year of the X-Men by getting the inside track on the huge upheavals headed for every X-book only at the MARVEL: WELCOME TO THE X-MEN Panel on Saturday, starting at 1 PM in panel room #104! The SCHISM that is coming… Use this button to show comics fans everywhere where your loyalties lie!
  • THOR BUTTON – Come to BREAKING INTO COMICS THE MARVEL WAYPanel at 2:30 Friday in Room 250/262 and you’ll not only get some sage-like advice from comics pros about how to get a foot in the door at the House of Ideas, but a thunderclap-inducing button featuring this spring’s megastar, The Mighty Thor, as well!
  • SPIDER-ISLAND BUTTON – As Marvel’s friendly neighborhood web-slinger gets ready to brave the horrors of Amazing Spider-Man #666, get a sneak preview of the arachno-centric event of the summer with the exclusive SPIDER-ISLAND BUTTON at the MARVEL: CUP O’ JOE Panel on Saturday from 3:30-4:30 in panel room #103! Find out why the secrets of Spider-Island will shake the Marvel Universe to its very core!

So be sure to stop by the Marvel Booth (#801) to get in on Marvel’s huge roster of events this April 1st-3rd, only at WonderCon 2011! Can’t make it to WonderCon? We’ve got you covered– keep track of all the news via the Marvel Events app for free on the iPad, iPhone & iPod touch and at http://events.marvel.com/  for mobile web browsers!

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