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WonderCon 2011: Joe Quesada: Marvel has NOT forgotten the cosmic stuff

WonderCon 2011: Joe Quesada: Marvel has NOT forgotten the cosmic stuff

picGood news?

At today’s My Cup O’ Joe Panel at the WonderCon, held in San Francisco, a fan asked if Marvel Cosmic would continue.

Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada replied that there are further plans for the cosmic side of the Universe, that “Marvel has not forgotten it…there are things we can not speak of.”

“I think DnA did a tremendous job bringing that [corner of the Marvel U] back from nothing,” stated Quesada.

And that was about it – save for news that there will be more from Thanos to come with “big plans in 2012.”

Marvel Cosmic fans have been waiting – what seems a lifetime – to hear any news about their favorite corner of the Marvel U. Ever since Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy were first put on “hiatus.”

Meanwhile, “cosmic” Thor titles flooded the market, as well as the recent cosmic event, “Chaos War,” which did no better than both Nova and GoTG — and definitely didn’t to better than The Thanos Imperative.

While TI did prove to Marvel that the cosmic audience thirsts for more, instead of quenching that thirst – they choke it. Marvel staples Rocket and Groot to The Annihilators – at $4.99 – and according to a majority of reviews, is not up to the caliber of the previous few years worth of Marvel Cosmic stories.

To boot, both Thanos and the Spaceknight (from The Annihilators, reportedly) are off to the Avengers.

It’s really no wonder Marvel Cosmic fans continue to ask, question and “barrage” Marvel Editorial on the direction of their favorites.

Hopefully, Marvel gets it and will be giving cosmic fans more of what they want — and that’s not Captain America or the merry band of mutants in space.