The Wolverine (2013): Jean Grey School For Higher Learning To Appear?!



The new The Wolverine movie directed by James Mangold is said to be based on the Frank Miller and Chris Claremont classic comic book from 1982.

However, from the following set image (via ConventryTelegraph) it looks as if Mangold is squeezing in something from the latest Wolverine comic books with the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning — as we see the logo is exactly the same.

While Wolverine used to be a feral bad arse back in the heydays, Marvel Comics has made Logan more of a popular pretty boy who has been neutered. Maybe not to that extreme, but if you are a Wolverine fan you get my drift.

My point is, I thought Mangold was going with the more classic Wolverine, but it looks as if – somehow – he is incorporating the new stuff.

The new Wolverine comic book sees Logan as the headmaster of a new school for gifted children i.e. mutants. 

That’s right Wolverine is a teacher.

The Wolverine has a July 26th, 2013 release date, is being directed by James Mangold, stars Hugh Jackman, with Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback on a script adapted from Frank Miller and Christopher Claremont’s comic arc from 1982.