Will Man of Steel 2 Feature Doomsday? Cast & Crew Weigh In (Video)


During production of Man of Steel there were rumors that the Superman-killer known as Doomsday was going to be featured.

While Zack Snyder kept the villains for the Man of Steel as strictly Zod’s band of Kryptonians, it’s possible we’ll see the unstoppable juggernaut in the next film.

Total Film caught up with the cast and crew from the Man of Steel and asked their thoughts.

Snyder said that is what’s great about the DCU, the rich amount of characters, and that he specifically included Easter Eggs in the Man of Steel to set up a wider universe.

Amy Adams actually mentions Bizarro and how great it would be to feature two Henry Cavill’s.

Michael Shannon says he really can’t get into comic books, but jokes it should be mandatory to have 500 issues at home.

And Henry Cavill says it would be awesome.

Doomsday will also be featured as part of DC Comics’s upcoming “Villains Month” in Batman/Superman #3.1.

See the video below for more.